ASCLD promotes National Forensic Science Week

ASCLDMonday, June 24, 2013:  ASCLD Crime Lab Minute

National Forensic Science Week

I’m very pleased to announce that ASCLD, along with our CFSO colleagues and partners at IACP, MCC, ASCIA and MCSA have teamed up to participate in the National Forensic Science Week.  This concept originated out of an idea that ASCLD member and MCC forensic committee chair Mike Garvey mentioned during the Durham meeting.  Mike took the idea, developed a flyer and added some support/example documentation (See below):

Forensic Science Week Flyer (attachment removed – see planning guide page)

Forensic Science Week Planning Guide  attachment removed – see planning guide page)

The dates of August 11th thru the 17th were selected because it was a time when most of our elected officials would be back home visiting constituents.  I know the dates don’t give us much time to prepare for this year but we decided that we just needed to get started.  The intent is to make this an annual event.  It will be a great opportunity to educate our policymakers, customers and the public on what we do.  In future CLM’s, I will highlight different examples of how our members are celebrating this week.

jeremyt323@gmail.comASCLD promotes National Forensic Science Week