Forensic Science Week in Phoenix


It’s National Forensic Science Week and we’re getting a rare look inside the Phoenix Police Department’s crime lab.

It looks like something straight out of a TV drama. Investigators and technicians, delving into crime scenes and working to uncover truth.

“We used to basically just do photography and powder processing and we’ve really come a long way by adding chemical testing, we can do presumptive tests for blood, we can test suspected holes for bullet holes, we do trajectory work, we do cell phone extractions, we have a lot of really cool tools that we use now to solve crime scenes,” says Nicole Sanders, crime technician.

“There are so many different processes that we do, and learning how to best apply those processes to a scene and kind of reconstruct it piece by piece. And figure out kind of what happened, would probably be the most difficult thing that we have to try and teach the newcomers,” says Thomas Bertone, crime technician.

The media was able to see various aspects of evidence processing and collection ‘behind the crime scene tape.’ We also saw an up close view of some of the analyses performed in the crime lab before cases go through court.

Investigators say it can all get pretty stressful and hectic.

“It’s difficult, we’ve got teams on the department that if we have problems on scenes we can consult people.”

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