NFSTC Promotes Forensic Science Week


August 11-17, 2013 marks the inaugural National Forensic Science Week (NFSW), recognizing the important role that proper forensic science plays in the investigation of crimes throughout the nation.  From exonerating the innocent to  identifying the guilty, scientific and technical professionals serve our  communities every day.  NFSTC is a proud supporter of NFSW and honors the good  work of our friends and colleagues across the industry.


Check out the website to find some fascinating  videos from labs around the country.

  • NFSTC’s Forensic Update will feature an interview with Mitch  Morrissey, elected district attorney for the City of Denver.  He will address  familial DNA searching.
  • NFSTC’s YouTube channel features hundreds of videos featuring techniques, lectures and forensic science news.

NFSW is supported by the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations, Major City Chiefs, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major County Sheriffs Association, and the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies.

Want to learn more about forensic science? Check out some of these pages and projects:

You can even take our online Crime Scene Investigation courses, including introduction and intermediate levels.

Happy National Forensic Science Week!  Follow along on Twitter:  #forensicscienceweek or @ForSciWeek

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